Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Reboot, my foot!

Letting go is a bit like giving your OS a Force Quit. We also know now, that rebooting is the quickest go-to trouble-shooting for a frozen piece of technology. A hard reset is not without its risks.

The first instinct is to panic.

What if you lose all your unsaved data? One would feel regret. A palpable hit-your-head-on the wall kind of regret that you never could afford the time to organize your data and declutter the overloaded back ups in the cloud especially when your shining, shimmering portable drives are no longer readable. What if you have forgotten the answers to your security questions for password retrieval?

What if the screen blacks out and transitions to another world? If you asked me these questions, say five years ago, I would definitely go absolutely bonkers pestering my husband to bring things back to normal.

I would like to think that I am tech-savvy(fake it till you make it, you get the idea), but in truth, I am more of tech-angsty Aunty, if there is such a thing. A control freak would understand.

But today, I don't care. Not caring can be quite liberating. By that, I don't mean being sterile and insensitive. It is not oblivion nor is it a denial that the past existed as you can't really be detached from everything.

Accountability. Responsibility.

These things you carry with you. These adult things, responsibility and accountability for the decisions you have made for yourself.

Right.  I don't really know where I am going with this. I am already boring myself.

So basically, when life gives you a jolt, your normal is upturned, your masterpiece is flawed, (you feel the need to offload, hence this entry), it is really up to you to choose what to let go, whether you want to, or if it is the only option you have. Helpless when you think you have lost everything. Most of the time, in life's greatest drama, it really feels like that. And there is a reason for that.

That sense of loss that roots from your attachment to things, to corporeal movables, to people, to memories, to the familiar. You grow up believing you are who you are today because of such and such story. Sometimes not necessarily so.

Letting go is great for pain management and it builds character. The truth is, we never ever truly own anything. There is really nothing to mourn for, except when you appear before Him with holes in your bucket.

Thanks Jija...

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